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Welcome to Guildless!  As you can tell by our little introductory theme song there, we're a pretty laid back and fun group.  If you're thinking about joining, or already have joined - Let me just say.. Thanks. :D 
A little background on who the director, Claws - and I are:
Well I, (YouSuck), am a Mystic here on our lovely server - but got my start on Sanctuary and RagingTides servers on Perfect World International.  I've been playing for a couple of years now, and I can pretty much answer any question you may or may not have about the game-play.  I'm actually a pretty good person (all things considered), despite what the faction may tell you. D; They're lying. QQ  And a little bit about my mother.  Yes, Claws is my mom - and we've been playing together for a long, long time now.  We like to think of this little faction as a family project.  We get bored easily, go figure.
Claws, the barb - got her start on the earliest of the early Perfect World International, and if I fail to be able to answer a question of yours, i guarantee - she's your go-to man.  She loves her kick button, so beware.

Please Check For:
  • Daily News and Shout-Box entries
  • Guild Events (We're going to try to have them every week)
  • The TW/Events calendar on the site.
Although, I can't make any promises about the speed at which we may grow.  I can promise you that we will ALWAYS value quality over quantity in our faction.

Thanks for listening, reading, and being all around great. 
By the way, we have a KoS for my husband, Justin. ;)

  Thanks Guys! ♥ Here are our official RULES!
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